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Happy Hour, Every Hour


MOBAR is dedicated to redefining how Bars and Customers interact in Singapore. Our flagship app, MOBAR is steadily making waves in the Singapore Bar scene. Finally, a way for all you money minders, and early-adopters to maximize your Bar experience has arrived.


MOBAR was founded by the dream team duo Ashish, and Pragya. The idea began as bar chatter, and ended up becoming one of the hottest bar apps in the Singapore Market. As Singapore residents, and avid socialites; MOBAR became a way for two savvy professionals to maximize their own experience. Eventually, MOBAR became stable enough to share with the public. The rest is history.


Vision statement


As a pioneer in Singapore, our app is revolutionizing how Bars and consumers interact. Being the first app of its kind in Singapore means that we are creating the marketplace from scratch. In the coming two years, we hope to expand our online marketplace to attract all the top bars in Singapore. Within five years, MOBAR will be playing on the international market.


Mission statement


MOBAR was founded with a dream and an idea. Out from necessity always comes a world class idea. Our idea is to simply help users like you and I save money when we want to go out for a few drinks. The core principles of the company are rooted in creating a win-win situation for both the bar and the user. Increased exposure for the bar and cheaper prices for the user equals, “Happy Hour, Every Hour”.


What Makes MOBAR unique?


Singapore has never seen an application like MOBAR. Save money and maximize your experience by purchasing vouchers of your favorite spirit or tasty beer directly from our APP. When you arrive at your chosen bar, redeem vouchers to consume your liquor and enjoy. But that's not all. MOBAR keeps you up to date on local prices, happy hour specials, and other promotions from bars in Singapore.

Welcome to the new era of bars & entertainment. Take advantage of the MOBAR App to get more bang for your buck. Download this APP if you love being an early adopter. With MOBAR you and your friends will be up to date on all the latest and greatest bar news and promotions. Say goodbye to boring happy hour. With MOBAR, every hour is happy hour!

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