What is MOBAR?

MOBAR is a unique application that helps you save money while you enjoy your favourite spirit or tasty beer in your chosen bars.


How do I use MOBAR App?

  1. Choose from a large selection of products (vouchers) which are redeemable in your choice of bars.
  2. Once you purchase vouchers on MOBAR, it will be stored in your account.
  3. Visit the bar where you can redeem vouchers and consume a specified amount of liquor.
  4. Go to “My Account” on your app and follow along to order the amount you want to drink.
  5. The remaining vouchers will reflect in your account which can be used some other day in any other (or same) bar.

Simply stated, MOBAR stores a virtual bottle in the form of vouchers for you that you can consume in any of our partner bars.


Why should I use MOBAR?

Saving money is everyone prerogative. We understand that buying liquor by the glass in a bar is expensive compared to buying a bottle. Buy the vouchers on MOBAR to save money and maximize your experience by getting bulk pricing.

When you buy on Mobar, consume liquor at your leisure in our partner bars. Most importantly, you can find information on offers, menus, location, & reviews of bars in Singapore.

Say goodbye to boring happy hour. With MOBAR, every hour is happy hour!


Do I need to pay in the bar for liquor ordered through MOBAR?

No, once you have purchased vouchers on MOBAR, it can be redeemed in any partner bar without any additional payment for redeemed quantity.


Is there a minimum order quantity I have to order in the bar?

For spirits, each voucher represents the 30ml.

For beers, a voucher represents one bottle or one pint depending on the product purchased by user.


Can I use my purchased vouchers in any of the bar in Singapore?

For each product, a list of bars is shown where you can consume your purchased amount on the app. We are constantly working to partner with several bars in Singapore, so that you can have a wide range of bars to use the app.


Is there any age criteria for user to purchase on MOBAR?

Persons placing an order for alcohol on our App must be aged 18 or over. Alcoholic beverages can only be sold to persons aged 18 or over. By signing up with MOBAR, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Bar Partners reserve the right to refuse delivery of alcohol to any person who does not appear to be, or cannot prove that they are, aged 18 or over.